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Our Services

Authorisation, Licensing, and Registration

  • Axelia combines a financial services focus, real-world experience, and a dynamic team to help clients start strong with regulatory authorisation, registration and licensing, and initial compliance setup.

  • We also support clients with pre-incorporation advice, entity creation/registration at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

  • We interface with various Regulators and assist clients with obtaining mandatory licences/registration as stipulated by legislation. Our support includes Capital Market Operator and Sponsored Individual applications with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), NFIU Portal set up (GOAML and NIL Reporting Portal), FRCN registration and renewal, SCUML registration,

Process Walkthrough, Audit, and Advisory Services

  • This involves examining the general state of a company’s compliance status with legislation applicable to it as a registered capital market operator in Nigeria. The process walk-through exercise will identify areas where the Company is non–compliant and develop strategies for closing the gaps.

  • Based on our audit findings, we will develop a Regulatory Compliance Action Plan, which will highlight remedial actions and process improvements that need to be taken to bring the business in line with regulatory standards.

Recruitment, Training, and Sensitisation

  • Looking for Compliance roles in Nigeria (Capital Market Operators, Fintechs, and VASPs). We are experts at connecting people looking for the right job with companies looking for the right talent. We offer bespoke talent sourcing and recruitment solutions to meet hiring objectives for your regulatory and compliance desk. Send a mail to to begin.

  • The Regulators require training of the employees of Capital Market Operators on at least a quarterly basis, on key areas such as AML/CFT, KYC/CDD, etc. We adopt the “Train the Trainer” approach- i.e- Train the Compliance Officer. The training can either be done physically or virtually through short courses/memo circularisation and so on.

Regulatory Filings and Reporting Support

  • Operators in the Nigerian Capital Market face a growing array of compliance obligations. There are several regulatory filings required from the Regulators for Capital Market Operators.

  • Fulfilling these compliance requirements requires a mechanism that includes policies and procedures for effectiveness.

  • Axelia provides our clients’ in-house compliance teams with a personalised Compliance Calendar which is a comprehensive list of all the compliance filings and the mode of compliance.

  • Our team works with clients to assist them in fulfilling their regulatory obligations and get better at prioritising and detecting compliance issues.

Regulatory Watch and Engagement

  • We undertake regulatory watch by sifting through the websites of our client’s Regulators for changes to current Rules and Regulations, Circulars, Guidelines, and Press-Releases Guiding Its Business. These changes are then reviewed and communicated to our clients for their information/action.

  • We introduce our Clients to key persons and incorporate a culture of cultivating good relationships with regulatory officials (SEC, NFIU, FRCN) to ensure that engagements with them are seamless. With this, the business is able to chase up on applications requiring approvals/no objection, clarify any grey regulatory issues.

Governance Consulting

  • We perform Governance review of an organisation’s level of compliance with corporate governance principles.

ESG Advisory and Report Writing Services

  • Capital Market Operators are required to report ESG issues annually either on a standalone basis or as an integral part of their annual report to stakeholders.


  • Axelia can provide ESG Advisory and Report Writing Services to ensure compliance with the SEC sustainability principles.

Implementation of Compliance Programme

  • Through a combination of in-depth subject matter expertise and flexible technology tools, Axelia can help clients design, set up, and implement compliance programs and policies, taking into consideration the unique laws in Nigeria.

Company Secretarial Services

  • We provide tailored company secretarial support for your business with a focus on the relevant sector or industry and help ensure your legal and regulatory compliance obligations are met.

  • From scheduling and coordination of meetings of the Board of Directors, Board Committees and General Meetings to

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